Fri 23 Rabi Al Thani 1441AH 20-12-2019AD


Aslaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu ALLAH Ta’ala Wa Barakatuh

The Ministry of Hajj & Umrah officially announced on the 22nd of June that only Muslims (of all Nationalities) residing in Saudi Arabia can perform Hajj 2020. This effectively means that all planned Hajj 2020 Packages worldwide have been automatically cancelled by the Saudi Authorities decision.

We appreciate, value and support the leadership shown by the Saudi Government for putting the Health, Wellbeing and Safety of Pilgrims first and making the right decision at such a difficult time for the whole World.

Licensed Hajj Organisers (UK) has advised all of its members to be transparent in all their dealings when guiding Pilgrims with regards to Hajj 2020 bookings and at all times adhere to UK Package Travel Regulations.

The current Global Health Emergency has had devastating impact on the Travel Industry worldwide and the Hajj Industry is no different. Licensed Hajj Organisers (UK) are working closely with their members and liasing with various other official bodies, including, ATOL, Trading Standards, City of London Police, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office and CBHUK (Council of British Hajjis) to ensure the Health & Wellbeing and Financial Security of British Pilgrims.

We would like to take this opportunity on behalf of our members to express our heartfelt thanks to British Pilgrims for placing their trust in our members to facilitate their Hajj journey. We truly appreciate the British Pilgrims patience and the understanding they have shown during this period of uncertainty.

We pray Allah Subhaana’Taala accepts the intentions and blesses all those who had made their intention to perform Hajj this year with the reward of Hajj. Ameen.


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